(Pro)active monitoring & maintenance

Your IT infrastructure must work. It’s as simple as that. Appropriate maintenance and 24/7 monitoring allows us to anticipate potential problems and to intervene (pro)actively.

Helpdeskmedewerker van Office-IT checkt de alerts
Server storage en netwerkcomponenten

Servers, storage & network components

Security, monitoring and proactive interventions are essential in making sure that your IT systems work effectively.

Our advanced monitoring software keeps a permanent eye on your IT infrastructure, and sends a warning if there are any problems. You can then intervene immediately or ask us to do that for you. 


It is necessary to continuously monitor and evaluate potential threats now that cyber attacks are becoming increasingly common. It is an essential part of efficient IT management.

Prevention alone is not enough. A powerful firewall is vital. And it is best to maintain it effectively. For maximum safety.

Monitoren van uw firewalls
Bij Office-IT houden we ook je werkstations in de gaten

Work stations

You can contact Office-IT for network management and security, but we can also keep your work stations (PC’s, laptops and tablets) in ideal condition.

Choose the maintenance formula that best suits your needs and wishes, as well as your personal expertise. Performance and continuity guaranteed!

On-site network management

If you want to be truly sure that your IT environment is always available and fully operational, it is best to opt for on-site system and network management. Our experienced IT engineers will work at your premises to make sure that your IT infrastructure always functions effectively.

On-site network management is possible with or without a maintenance contract for your workstations.

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Prio Helpdesk van Office-IT

Prio Help desk

An unexpected problem with your IT? Then you want to be assisted quickly and effectively. The Office-IT Prio Help desk is included in our monitoring solutions and maintenance formulas. An extra guarantee for reliable IT management.

Fast first-line help by IT experts. Easily reachable every working day between 7:00 am and 6:00 pm.

B2B Sales

Maintaining and monitoring your network infrastructure is one thing; giving you the required software and hardware is a completely different aspect of our services.

Office-IT would like to serve as your company’s personal supplier. We work together to find the most effective solutions on the market, at attractive prices.

Office-IT salesafdeling

Looking for an IT partner for your SME?

Let us know what could be improved within your organisation. Whether you are a small or a large company, we will be pleased to work with you to examine the most suitable solutions, and are able to offer standard formulas as well as custom-made options. The choice is yours.

“We no longer have to worry about keeping our PC's up-to-date or the generated alerts, because Office-IT maintains everything remotely and intervenes wherever necessary.”

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