Brief van Eugene Kaspersky

Wij verwijzen naar onderstaande brief van Eugene Kaspersky, CEO van het naar hem vernoemde bedrijf. Sinds 2017 heeft het bedrijf tal van inspanningen geleverd op vlak van transparantie. Zo zit de data voor Europa in een datacenter in Zwitserland en zijn de workflow processen extern ge-audit en ISO 27001 gecertificeerd. Ten slotte geven zij hun engagement voor support en stellen hun kennis database beschikbaar.

Voor meer informatie kan je steeds terecht bij je sales contactpersoon.

Heb je nog vragen over jouw antivirusoplossing?

Dear customer,

We are carefully watching the events unfolding in and around Ukraine. These are challenging and uncertain times, and the key priority of the company remains the fulfillment of all of its obligations to our partners and customers.

Kaspersky’s business operations remain stable, and our technological and operational processes are robust and resilient. Our job is to protect our customers in any country from cyberthreats, and this geopolitical situation is no exception. I want to assure you that the company guarantees the fulfillment of its obligations – including uninterrupted delivery of products and updates.

Since 2017, the company has been implementing a massive package of measures for greater transparency and reaffirming the security and reliability of our solutions. These include the relocation of our data processing infrastructure to Switzerland for users in Europe, the U.S., Canada, and several countries in Asia-Pacific. The datacenters in Zurich, where threat data is processed, provide world-class facilities in full compliance with the industry standards. Our distributed infrastructure, including the Kaspersky Security Network’s servers, is located in different countries across the globe to ensure greater operational speed and resiliency. The security and integrity of our data services and engineering practices have been confirmed by independent third-party assessments: through a SOC 2 Audit by a Big Four auditor, as well as through ISO 27001 certification and just-finalized re-certification by TÜV Austria. All these third-party assurance documents can be provided upon request.
The global management team is monitoring the situation carefully and is ready to act very quickly. In particular, with regard to the streams of new cyberattacks reported in the conflict area – our products have been updated and contain unique technologies that defend against destructive malware. Our customers are protected: we have not observed any victims of these attacks among them.

We consider that the current situation will lead to a growing number of cyberthreats of all sorts. To support network defenders across the globe, we are now providing free access to our Threat Intelligence portfolio, including Threat Reports, Threat Lookup, and Cloud Sandbox to enterprises and organizations. Such free access will be provided for one month, and may be further extended if the situation requires. Please contact official Kaspersky’s partner in your region to get access to this offer.

This is for sure a very challenging period for all of us. We hope you remain safe during these turbulent times, and when it comes to cyberthreats – we guarantee the cybersecurity of our customers.

Yours sincerely,

Eugene Kaspersky,

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